Check out Our CUSTOM Carts Made by Eastern Shore Golf Carts!!! If you see one you like we can Duplicate it for you, or if you have an idea that you would like to bring to life give us a call!!! We specialize in just that! CUSTOM CARTS! So keep an eye out you may just see one of these carts in a campground near you!

Check out our inventory below..


2007 Yamaha Gas Custom Body Extended Roof Rear Seat Head Lights Tail Lights


2012 Pink Club Car Gas Pink and Black Seats Extended Roof Rear Seat Head Lights and Tail Lights



2012 EZ-GO Gas Red and White Seats Rear Seat Extended Roof and Turn Signals Head Lights and Tail Lights


2010 48v EZ-GO TXT Rear Seat Head Lights Tail Lights



2014 EZ-GO TXT Electric 48v Extended Roof Rear Seat Turn Signals Break Lights High/Low Head lights w/Black&Yellow Seats



2018 EZ-GO L6 Express Gas Head Lights Break Lights Rear Seat w/White Seats