Gas vs Electric

These days which golf cart to buy is more difficult than it used to be. RCC helps you make that decision easier.

Gas Advantages

  • 200-350 miles per tank range
  • Less frequent battery replacement
  • Holds value longer than electric carts
  • Similar maintenance to your car

Gas Disadvantages

  • Yearly tune ups
  • More expensive year to year
  • Noisier than the electric
  • Requires manual choking in cold weather

Electric Advantages

  • Completely silent
  • No gas to purchase or refilling of tank
  • Less parts means less maintenance
  • Costs less than a gas cart
  • Requires no annual tune-up

Electric Disadvantages

  • Batteries replaced every 5-8 years
  • Limited range between charges (12-18miles)
  • Not as much power as the gas for hills
  • More load on the cart = less miles per charge
  • Must have electricity to charge

Service & Repair

Selling new and used Golf Cart's and LSV's is not all that KRW does. If your cart needs to be serviced or repaired in any way possible we have the tools and mechanics here to get the job done!

Customizing Carts

There may be a cart that you really like and would like to customize yourself. Come and don't hesitate to pick out the color you would like to the tires and wheels to the lift kit and accessories that fit your dream cart!

Winterizing Carts

KRW also offers shrink wrapping to store cart's for the winter! If you are from out of town and usually come down for vacation don't hesitate to give us a call to winterize your cart! When it's time for you to pick up your cart make sure to give us a week in advance notice or the date you would like to have it by. The reason we need the notice is so that we can get it serviced and washed for you so that your cart get's the care and protection it deserves. All for $199.99!